Prenatal Support Program

Let our visits guide your baby's healthiest beginning while preparing you for a swift recovery. Naturopathic prenatal care is a remarkable opportunity for you and your growing baby.

The naturopathic prenatal program is unique in that visits will take place 1-3 times each trimester. Each visit may have targeted discussions and goals to help set you up for a successful pregnancy and postpartum period. Read on below to learn more about each trimester's focus.

First Trimester

✓ Preventing miscarriage
✓ Fatigue
✓ Nausea
✓ Choosing the right prenatal
✓ Herbal & drug safety
✓ Dietary guidance

Second Trimester

✓ What to expect
✓ Physical activity & fitness
✓ Restless nights
✓ Improving sleep
✓ Coping with stress

Third Trimester

✓ Getting ready for next stage
✓ Birth preparations
✓ Passing the GBS test
✓ Avoiding induction

Common Concerns Also Supported in the Prenatal Program

Nausea & Vomiting

& Flus

Constipation & Hemorrhoids

& Reflux

& Anxiety

Swelling & Varicose Veins

Fatigue & Stress

Pain (including headaches, back or pelvic pain, muscle cramps)

Skin Concerns (including stretch marks & PUPPP)

UTIs, Yeast, & Herpes

Blood Sugar Control (including gestational diabetes)

High Blood Pressure (including pre-eclampsia)

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**Please note visits can be adjusted to suit your needs at the time and may include any acute issues adjunct to the main topics during each visit. No appointments are paid for in advance as the program does not have a fee-for-program but is rather a pay-per-visit 'program' and you are not required to attend every suggested topic/visit. The prenatal visits are eligible for extended health benefits (please see FAQ). For a full fee schedule break down click here.