Are naturopathic doctors regulated in Ontario?

Yes! Naturopathic Medicine is regulated under the RHPA (Regulated Health Profession's Act, 1991) in Ontario. It has been regulated by the RHPA since 2015, when the Naturopathy Act, 2007, was proclaimed. Prior to that, it was regulated under the Drugless Practitioners Act - Naturopathy, 1925.

In order to use any of the protected titles (naturopath, naturopathic doctor, ND, etc) I, and other registered NDs, must be registered with our governing body and hold liability insurance. If you'd like to find out if a naturopath you've seen or heard about is a registered (and real) ND please click here and search their name! I have seen multiple patients who thought they had tried naturopathic medicine but received care from people falsifying their credentials.

How are you different from other naturopathic doctors?

My approach to health is unique because I meet my patients where they're at and don't force change that is abrupt and unachievable. I work for YOU - so while I have knowledge and expertise, you have the final say. Is my plan too much? I'll scale back. Ready for more? I'll provide.

Aside from my unique approach to health plans, our office space is also unique. I offer your health care and treatments out of the comfort of a home office. My patients describe the setting as calm and inviting. It's a wonderful welcoming environment that is also child friendly.

Are you a homeopath?

No. Naturopathic doctors are medically trained and use many different treaments and practice using many modalities. Homeopathy is a form of energetic medicine and is based in the principle of like cures like. In addition to homeopathy, Naturopathic Doctors have extensive training in botanical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional & lifestyle counselling, physical manipulations, nutraceutical therapies, lab testing & diagnostics, and hydrotherapy.

But I already have a medical doctor, why should I have a naturopath?

A medical team that focuses on your best interests is the future of medicine. I love working alongside medical doctors because it offers patients complete care. Patients of mine have expressed benefit to having me join their health team.


  • saved money on supplements by knowing which were unnecessary
  • reduced side effects to medicines
  • reduced need for prescription medications
  • found alternative and/or adjunctive therapies provided improved results
  • found that further investigation has revealed cause of disease and allowed for appropriate treatment
  • found a solution for them

Are you really Alliston's only traveling naturopathic doctor!?

It's true! My traveling services are offered to help serve you better! I'm the first to bring that to New Tecumseth.

Will you ever have a 'brick and mortar' office?

I love my home office space but of course I would love to expand and open up a wonderful integrative clinic in Alliston in the future. My home office is serene, clean, and professional. Our space is upstairs with a private bathroom and small waiting area. Stay tuned for a video walk through!

Are naturopathic doctors covered by OHIP?

Unfortunately, naturopathic visits are not covered by OHIP. However, all visits and investments in your health are considered medical tax deductions and you can use these receipts when filing your income tax. Ask your accountant for further details!

Are naturopathic doctors covered by extended health benefits?

YES! Many health insurers now include visits with registered naturopathic doctors. You can contact your provider to find out what's included.

Do you offer direct billing to my health insurance provider?

YES! I do offer direct billing. Contact me to find out if your specific provider is available for this option.

I love what you do! How do I become a naturopathic doctor?

To become a naturopathic doctor you must first complete an undergraduate degree from an accredited university. After you complete this you can apply for entry into the 4-year medical program offered at any of the seven (7) schools accredited with the Council on Naturopathic Medical Education (CNME). You will then be required to pass board exams offered through the North American Board of Naturopathic Examiners (NABNE) as well as pass provincial exams as set out by your specific province of practice. These exams include Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCEs), multiple choice exams, written exams, as well as practical exams for acupuncture and manipulation. Prior to completing registration a naturopathic doctor must also obtain professional liability and malpractice insurance. Once you've completed and passed all of those requirements, you may apply to register with the appropriate provincial regulatory board and pay your dues.

Do you offer workplace wellness presentations?

YES! One of my favourite parts of my job is enthusiastically teaching employees how they can thrive through the work week grind. Employees love their energy, employers love the reduction in sick days! Contact me to reserve your date!

Do you offer presentations at schools in the area?

YES! Students love being captivated by my presentations and learning how they can improve their skills in their extra curricular activities when they improve their health! Contact me to reserve your date!